Town of
Herkimer County, NY


January 10, 2008

Local Events is a new category accessible from the left hand side of the homepage.  Check there periodically for events that are happening in the Town of Danube.  If you have local event information that you want to have available on the Town of Danube's website, send it either as an email or an email attachment to   Please include the name and email address of the person sending the notice.  This service will be open to "not-for-profit" groups within the Town of Danube.  The site cannot be used to advertise commercially.  The Town of Danube cannot guarantee that any Local Events information is accurate nor can it guarantee that items will be displayed in a timely fashion.  Inappropriate words and phrases will make the notice ineligible for display.  (If it were a movie, it would have to have a "G" rating.)  The information will be placed on the website in the same format as it's received.  It may also be possible to add a small picture in the future.