Town of
Herkimer County, NY

A Local Law to Amend Certain Provisions of Local Law No. 5 of 1998

Local Law No. 1 of 2018
February 15, 2018


A Local Law To Amend Certain Provisions Of Local Law No. 5 of 1998

I. FINDINGS. The Danube Town Board finds that Local Law No. 5 of 1998, 'A Local Law Regulating The Siting Of Telecommunications Towers, Antennae and Related Facilities', should be amended to more effectively address the health, safety, public welfare and environment of the Town of Danube.

II.                                            AMENDMENTS.              The following provisions of Local Law No. 5 of 1998
shall be amended to read as follows:

A.            Section 4, Definitions, shall hereafter include the following:

15.A.                    Essential Communications. Wireless service provided by
telecommunications towers, antennae and related facilities.

B.            Section 6, Special Use Permit Application and Other
Requirements, Paragraph G, shall hereafter read as follows:

G.           Certification by a licensed engineer that an 'essential

communications' structure or other support attachment, or reconstruction of, an existing structure or other support attachment, is designed to a minimum ANSI/TIA 222-G Structure Class III standard or any subsequently adopted more stringent standard.

III.                            ENFORCEMENT. Local Law No. 5 of 1998, inclusive of the within

amendments, shall hereafter continue to be enforced as described therein.

IV.                                   EFFECTIVE DATE. This local law shall take effect upon its filing with the
Secretary of State.